Deportivo Pasto Fan Flag (GIF)

Asociación Deportivo Pasto, also known as Deportivo Pasto, is a professional football team based in the city of Pasto, Nariño, Colombia, competing in the Categoría Primera A (2023), the top division of the Colombian Professional Football League. This unofficial Deportivo Pasto fan flag (Spanish: bandera no oficial de Deportivo Pasto) consists of the team's official logo and the city flag of Pasto.

The Deportivo Pasto logo is a symbolic representation of the club's identity and its connection to its city. The emblem showcases a shield, which is partially covered by a vertical city flag. This flag is encircled by a white circle with the team name inscribed around it. The yellow triangle section of the shield is home to a soccer ball, signifying the club's association with the sport. At the top of the shield, a star is prominently displayed, symbolizing the team's championship achievements. Overall, the logo encapsulates Deportivo Pasto's pride in its city, its sporting tradition, and its aspirations for success, making it a symbol of both local pride and athletic ambition for the club and its dedicated fans.

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Team name:Asociación Deportivo Pasto
Team nicknames:La Fuerza Tricolor (The Tri-colored Force),
El Equipo Volcánico (The Volcanic Team),
El Súper Depor (The Super Depor)
Team abbreviation:Pasto
Location:San Juan de Pasto, Colombia
Ground:Estadio Departamental Libertad
League:Categoría Primera A
Team Colors:Red, Blue and Yellow
Second places:3
Seasons in top division:23
Mascot:Cuy (Guinea pig)

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