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Idrottsföreningen Elfsborg, more commonly known as IF Elfsborg or simply Elfsborg, is a professional football club based in Borås, Sweden, competing in Allsvenskan (2022), the top tier of the Swedish football league system. This unofficial IF Elfsborg fan flag (Swedish: inofficiell IF Elfsborg flagga) consists of the team's official logo and a yellow background derived from the logo.

The IF Elfsborg logo is a unique and visually striking emblem that represents the team's identity and heritage. The unsymmetrical design features a black oval as its backdrop, with a soccer ball placed at the top, signifying the core essence of football. Surrounding this oval is a golden laurel wreath, symbolizing victory and excellence, which adds a touch of prestige to the emblem. Inside the black oval, the team's name, "Elfsborg," is elegantly written in yellow cursive script. This handwritten typography imparts a sense of individuality and authenticity to the logo. The combination of elements in the IF Elfsborg logo showcases the club's commitment to tradition, victory, and a unique identity in the world of football.

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Team name:Idrottsföreningen Elfsborg
Team nicknames:Di Gule (The Yellow Ones), Eleganterna (The Elegants)
Team abbreviations:Elfsborg
Location:Borås, Sweden
Ground:Borås Arena
Team Colors:Yellow and Black
Second places:7
Seasons in top division:78

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