Halmstads BK Fan Flag (GIF)

Halmstads Bollklubb, also known simply as Halmstad or HBK or Bollklubben, is a football club based in Halmstad, Halland, Sweden, competing in Allsvenskan (2022), the top tier of the Swedish football league system. This unofficial Halmstads BK fan flag (Swedish: inofficiell Halmstads BK flagga) consists of the team's official logo and a blue background derived from the logo.

The Halmstads Bollklubb (HBK) logo is a cherished symbol that reflects the club's enduring heritage and commitment to football. This iconic logo features a blue shield-shaped design adorned with prominent white diagonal stripe—a visual representation that has remained virtually unchanged for over a century. In the heart of the shield, the initials "HBK" are emblazoned in gold, boldly proclaiming the team's identity as Halmstads Bollklubb. Alongside the initials, the significant date of March 6, 1914, is proudly displayed, marking the birth of the team and its enduring legacy. Completing the logo is an antique football ball, which serves as a nostalgic reminder of the sport's history and the club's dedication to the beautiful game. In essence, the HBK logo is a timeless emblem that encapsulates tradition, pride, and the enduring spirit of Halmstads Bollklubb.

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Team name:Halmstads Bollklubb
Team nicknames:HBK, Bollklubben
Team abbreviations:HBK
Location:Halmstad, Sweden
Ground:Örjans Vall
Team Colors:Blue and White
Second places:2
Seasons in top division:55

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