Unión Magdalena Fan Flag (GIF)

Unión Magdalena, commonly known as El Unión and nicknamed El Ciclón Bananero (the Banana Cyclone) and also Los Samarios (the Samarios), is a football club based in Santa Marta, Magdalena, Colombia, competing in the Categoría Primera A (2023), the top division of the Colombian Professional Football League. This unofficial Unión Magdalena fan flag (Spanish: bandera no oficial de Unión Magdalena) consists of the team's official logo and a background that is horizontally separated into dark-blue and red colors derived from the logo.

The Unión Magdalena logo is a symbol of the club's identity and achievements. The shield-shaped emblem prominently features a white star, symbolizing the team's championship victory. Vertical stripes in the team's distinctive colors—red, white, and dark blue—run across the shield, representing the team's heritage and colors. The shield also includes the team name "Unión Magdalena" and the "UM" monogram, which is derived from the initials of the team's name. This combination of elements effectively communicates the club's name, history, and aspiration for continued success in Colombian football. Overall, the Unión Magdalena logo serves as a proud representation of the club's legacy and identity.

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Team name:Unión Magdalena
Team nicknames:El Ciclón Bananero (The Banana Cyclone),
Los Samarios (The Samarios)
Team abbreviation:UM
Location:Santa Marta, Colombia
Ground:Estadio Sierra Nevada
League:Categoría Primera A
Team Colors:Red, White, and Dark Blue
Second places:-
Seasons in top division:52

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