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The flag of Vienna (German: Flagge von Wien) showcases a simple yet elegant design, featuring two horizontal stripes in red and white, complemented by the central Vienna coat of arms. Also recognized as the "Gothic" shield, the Vienna coat of arms adorns a bold red shield embellished with a striking silver cross. This iconic emblem, with its roots tracing back to the Middle Ages, serves as a powerful symbol of Vienna's historical significance, cultural heritage, and enduring legacy, encapsulating the city's resilience, cultural pride, and rich historical tapestry.

Flag image:Animated GIF (25 frames looped)

Vienna, the vibrant capital city of Austria, stands as the largest city and one of the nine states in the country. With a population of approximately 1.897 million (2019) people, Vienna is celebrated for its rich history, architectural splendor, and cultural vibrancy. Renowned for its opulent palaces, including the Schönbrunn Palace and the Belvedere, as well as its iconic landmarks such as the St. Stephen's Cathedral and the Hofburg Palace, Vienna stands as a cultural and artistic hub, offering a gateway to Austria's imperial legacy and artistic heritage. Vienna's dynamic urban landscape blends seamlessly with its lush parks, the banks of the Danube River, and the scenic Vienna Woods, providing a balance between urban sophistication and natural serenity. The city's cultural vibrancy is reflected in its world-class museums, classical music scene, and renowned coffeehouse culture, while its contemporary arts district and vibrant culinary scene further underscore Vienna's reputation as a cosmopolitan metropolis teeming with creativity, history, and modern sophistication.

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