Hanwha Eagles Fan Flag (GIF)

The Hanwha Eagles are a professional baseball team based in Daejeon, South Korea, and competing in the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) League (2023). This unofficial Hanwha Eagles fan flag (Korean: 비공식 한화 이글스 깃발) consists of the team's official logo and an orange background derived from the team colors.

The Hanwha Eagles logo is a representation of the South Korean baseball team, featuring a striking design that encapsulates the spirit of the team. The logo prominently showcases the team's name, "Eagles," with the initial letter stylized to resemble an eagle's head. The club's full sponsored name, "Hanwha Eagles," is prominently displayed on a black ring with an orange border, creating a visually appealing and cohesive emblem. This design effectively conveys the team's identity as the Eagles, drawing a connection between the sport of baseball and the symbol of the eagle, which is often associated with strength, freedom, and determination.

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Team Name:Hanwha Eagles
Team Nicknames:Eagles
Team Abbreviation:HWE (common abbreviation)
Location:Daejeon, South Korea
League:KBO League
Team Colors:Orange, black and grey
Korean Series titles:1
Second places:5
Series appearances:6
Ballpark:Daejeon Hanbat Baseball Stadium
Mascot:An eagle named "한화독수리" (Hanwha Eagle)

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