Suwon FC Fan Flag (GIF)

Suwon FC is a professional football club based in Suwon, South Korea, and competing in the K League 1 (2023), the top tier of South Korean football. This unofficial Suwon FC fan flag (Korean: 비공식 수원 FC 깃발) consists of the team's official logo and a dark-blue-and-red vertically striped background derived from the logo.

The Suwon FC logo is rich in symbolism that reflects both the heritage of Suwon City and the unity of the club. The upper part of the shield showcases the iconic Janganmun Gate and Paldalmun Gate of Suwon Hwaseong Castle, signifying the city's historical significance and cultural heritage. The four dark blue stripes at the bottom represent the four districts of Suwon (Gwonseon, Jangan, Paldal, and Yeongtong), emphasizing the team's local roots and connection to the community. Additionally, the three red stripes symbolize the unity between the club, its passionate fans, and local businesses, underscoring the collaborative spirit that fuels Suwon FC. Altogether, the logo conveys a message of history, community, and unity, making it a meaningful emblem for Suwon FC.

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Team name:Suwon Football Club
Team nicknames:Suwon City
Team abbreviation:-
Location:Suwon, South Korea
Ground:Suwon Stadium
League:K League 1
Team Colors:Dark Blue and Red
Second places:-
Seasons in the K League 1:4

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