Incheon United FC Fan Flag (GIF)

Incheon United FC is a professional football club based in Incheon, South Korea, and competing in the K League 1 (2023), the top tier of South Korean football. This unofficial Incheon United FC fan flag (Korean: 비공식 인천 유나이티드 FC 깃발) consists of the team's official logo and a background of vertical blue and black stripes derived from the team jersey.

The Incheon United FC logo is a rich representation of the team's identity and aspirations. The oval shape of the logo encapsulates several symbolic elements, each holding significance. The anchor, a well-known symbol of Incheon, signifies the city's maritime heritage and its connection to the sea. The rudder, pointing to the right path, reflects the team's commitment to navigation and leadership in Korean professional football. The soaring wings express Incheon United's strong determination to rise and excel as a new leader in the sport. All of these elements are set against a backdrop of blue and black stripes, representing the sea city of Incheon. This logo effectively combines elements of local identity, direction, and ambition, making it a meaningful emblem for Incheon United FC.

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Team name:Incheon United Football Club
Team nicknames:-
Team abbreviation:IUFC
Location:Incheon, South Korea
Ground:Incheon Football Stadium
League:K League 1
Team Colors:Blue and Black
Second places:1
Seasons in the K League 1:19

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