LG Twins Fan Flag (GIF)

The LG Twins are a professional baseball team based in Seoul, South Korea, and competing in the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) League (2023). This unofficial LG Twins fan flag (Korean: 비공식 엘지 트윈스 깃발) consists of the team's official logo and a white background derived from the team jersey.

The LG Twins logo is a concise representation of the South Korean baseball team. The logo features a depiction of a baseball field with half-red and half-black stripes, symbolizing the team's dynamic presence on the field. On this backdrop, the words "LG" and "TWINS" are prominently displayed, along with the team's city, "SEOUL." The use of red and black, combined with the baseball field imagery, represents the Twins' competitive spirit and their commitment to the sport. The LG sponsorship is seamlessly integrated into the logo, emphasizing the partnership between the team and its sponsor while also highlighting the team's identity as the Twins from Seoul.

Other flag variations

Team Name:LG Twins
Team Nicknames:Twins
Team Abbreviation:LGT (common abbreviation)
Location:Seoul, South Korea
League:KBO League
Team Colors:Black, Red (Maroon) and Grey
Korean Series titles:2
Second places:4
Series appearances:6
Ballpark:Jamsil Baseball Stadium
Mascot:Twin boy and girl mascots

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