Cheonan City FC Fan Flag (GIF)

Cheonan City FC is a football club based in Cheonan, South Korea, competing in the K League 2 (2023), the second tier of South Korean football. This unofficial Cheonan City FC fan flag (Korean: 비공식 천안 시티 FC 깃발) consists of the team's official logo and a sky-blue background derived from the logo.

The Cheonan City FC logo is rich in symbolism and represents the team's connection to its hometown and history. The sky blue color, derived from the name "Cheonan," which translates to "the most comfortable city under the sky," reflects the city's identity. The shield features two significant elements. First, the depiction of Cheonan's landmark, the "People's Tower," is a nod to the city's cultural and historical importance. Second, the inclusion of martyr Yu Gwan-soon's "torch" pays homage to her role in the city's independence movement. Together, these elements encapsulate the team's connection to Cheonan's history and values, making it a meaningful emblem for Cheonan City FC.

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Team name:Cheonan City Football Club
Team nicknames:-
Team abbreviation:-
Location:Cheonan, South Korea
Ground:Cheonan Stadium
League:K League 2
Team Colors:Sky Blue and White
Second places:-
Seasons in the K League 2:1

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