Seoul E-Land FC Fan Flag (GIF)

Seoul E-Land FC is a professional football club based in Seoul, South Korea, and competing in the K League 2 (2023), the second tier of South Korean football. This unofficial Seoul E-Land FC fan flag (Korean: 비공식 서울 이랜드 FC 깃발) consists of the team's official logo and a dark purple background derived from the logo.

The Seoul E-Land FC logo is a rich tapestry of symbolism that encapsulates the essence and aspirations of the club. The blue waves and white triangle within the shield pay homage to the Han River and Namsan Mountain, iconic landmarks of Seoul, emphasizing the team's deep connection to the city. The five gold stars above represent the core values of team owner E-Land, underscoring the importance of these principles in the club's identity. On the left side, the three Korean leopards embody the qualities of speed, stamina, and skill that the team aims to exhibit on the field. Finally, the crown on the shield, inspired by the British royal family's design, harkens back to football's origins while expressing the club's aspiration to become a true champion. Together, these elements in the Seoul E-Land FC logo form a complex narrative of tradition, ambition, and excellence.

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Team name:Seoul E-Land Football Club
Team nicknames:-
Team abbreviation:SEFC
Location:Seoul, South Korea
Ground:Mokdong Stadium
League:K League 2
Team Colors:Dark-Blue and White
Second places:-
Seasons in the K League 2:9

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