Seoul E-Land FC Flag GIF (서울 이랜드 FC 깃발)

Seoul E-Land FC is a South Korean professional football club based in Seoul, South Korea, and competing in the K League 2 (2023), the second tier of South Korean football. This unofficial Seoul E-Land FC flag (Korean: 비공식 서울 이랜드 FC 깃발) consists of the team's official logo and a dark purple background derived from the logo. The blue waves and white triangle on the shield in the logo represent the Han River and Namsan Mountain, symbols of Seoul. The five gold stars above it represent the five values of team owner E-Land. The three Korean leopards on the left represent the style of football the team wants to showcase (speed, stamina and skill). The crown on the shield refers to the design of the British royal family, which is the origin of football, and also reflects the team's desire to be a true champion.


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