Gimpo FC Fan Flag (GIF)

Gimpo FC, formerly Gimpo Citizen FC, is a football club based in Gimpo, South Korea, competing in the K League 2 (2023), the second tier of South Korean football. This unofficial Gimpo FC fan flag (Korean: 비공식 김포 FC 깃발) consists of the team's official logo and a dark green background derived from the logo.

The Gimpo FC logo carries symbolic elements that reflect the identity and aspirations of the city. At its center, the hexagonal "GP" monogram represents Gimpo, stylized with a modern touch. Surrounding this, the water pattern signifies Gimpo's status as a water city, emphasizing its connection to rivers and water bodies. The choice of gold for the logo represents the city itself, signifying its value and significance, while the green color symbolizes Gimpo's growth and prosperity, portraying a vision of continuous development and success. In essence, the Gimpo FC logo encapsulates the city's unique characteristics, its relationship with water, and its ambition for a thriving future.

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Team name:Gimpo Football Club
Team nicknames:-
Team abbreviation:GFC
Location:Gimpo, South Korea
Ground:Gimpo Solteo Football Field
League:K League 2
Team Colors:Dark-Green and Gold
Second places:-
Seasons in the K League 2:2

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