Calabria Flag GIF (Bandiera della Calabria)

The Calabria flag (Italian: Bandiera della Calabria) is a blue flag with a centered coat of arms containing the word "Regione" above and the word "Calabria" under its coat of arms. The disk-shaped coat of arms shows a pine tree, two black crosses, and a truncated Doric column in azure.

The pine, which is a typical tree in the Sila forest, represents the natural beauty of Calabria. The Doric column symbolizes the history of Magna Graecia and its heritage. The Byzantine cross on the left reminds of the long period when Calabria was part of the Byzantine Empire. The empowered cross on the right recalls the value of the twelve thousand Calabrian Crusaders under the guidance of Boemondo Duca di Calabria. The height-to-width ratio of the flag is 2:3, and the flag was adopted on June 15, 1992, but has not yet been officially approved. Calabria is a region in southern Italy. Its capital is Catanzaro; its population is approximately 1.947 million (2019); and its area is 15,222 km².

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