Sicily Flag GIF (Bandiera Sicilia)

The Sicilian flag (Italian: Bandiera della Sicilia) consists of two red and yellow cross-divided fields and a Sicilian triskelion with a Gorgon in the middle. Red and yellow represent Palermo and Corleone, the first two cities to form a confederation against the rule of the Angevins. The triskelion is considered the main symbol of Sicily. The three bent feet represent three points of the triangular shape of the island of Sicily or the three historical valleys of the island. The height-to-width ratio in the flag is 3:5, and the flag was adopted on January 4, 2000. Sicily is an autonomous region in southern Italy and the largest island in the Mediterranean. Its capital is Palermo; its population is about 5 million (2019); and its area is 25,832 km².

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