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The flag of Sardinia (Sardinian: Bandera de sa Sardigna, Italian: Bandiera della Sardegna), known as the Four Moors flag (Sardinian: Is cuatru morus - Sos battor moros, Italian: I quattro mori), features a white field adorned with a red cross, with each quadrant of the cross hosting a depiction of a Moor's head facing outward. Historically, the depiction of the Moors on the flag has varied, with some early representations showcasing the figures as blindfolded and turned towards the hoist, while more recent depictions, particularly from the 16th century, distinctly show the Moors with forehead bandages. The four Moorish heads symbolize the island's triumph over various Moorish invasions and its resilience in defending its autonomy. The St. George's Cross, intertwined with the imagery of the Moors, serves as a testament to the historical connections between Sardinia and the Kingdom of Aragon, underscoring the island's rich cultural heritage and its significant place within the broader context of Italian history.

Proportion:3:5 or 2:3
Adopted:April 15, 1999 (current version);
used since 1281
Flag image:Animated GIF (25 frames looped)

Sardinia, the second-largest island in the Mediterranean, is a captivating region of Italy celebrated for its rugged landscapes, pristine beaches, and unique cultural heritage. The island's capital city, Cagliari, overlooks the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean and boasts a rich history evident in its historic architecture, including the medieval Castello district. Sardinia's diverse scenery ranges from the picturesque Costa Smeralda with its stunning emerald waters to the wild Gennargentu mountain range. The island's interior showcases rugged mountains, lush forests, and historic sites, such as the enigmatic Nuraghe stone ruins, testifying to the island's ancient past. The island is renowned for its distinctive traditions, such as the ancient Sardinian language and the vibrant festivals celebrating local customs. The region's distinct culinary tradition features specialties like pane carasau, culurgiones, and seadas, highlighting Sardinia's rich gastronomic heritage. With a population of approximately 1.64 million (2019) people, Sardinia is not only a natural paradise but also a cradle of ancient culture and traditions, offering visitors a unique blend of natural beauty and rich cultural heritage within the heart of the Mediterranean.

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