Flag of the British Antarctic Territory (GIF)

The flag of the British Antarctic Territory is a white ensign featuring the Union Flag in the canton and the coat of arms of the British Antarctic Territory on the fly side. The coat of arms is composed of a shield bearing a flaming torch against a wavy background, symbolizing the sea. The right supporter of the shield is a golden lion, representing the United Kingdom, while the left supporter is an Emperor penguin, emblematic of the native wildlife in the territory. The lion is depicted standing on a compartment of grass, signifying the terrestrial world, while the penguin stands on a compartment of ice, representing the Antarctic environment. The crest of the coat of arms portrays the RRS Discovery, the renowned research ship utilized by explorers Robert Falcon Scott and Ernest Shackleton during their pioneering Antarctic expedition. The motto "Research and Discovery" succinctly encapsulates the overarching mission of the British Antarctic Survey, highlighting the territory's dedication to scientific exploration and understanding within this remote and critical region.

Adopted:August 1, 1963
Flag image:Animated GIF (25 frames looped)

The British Antarctic Territory, a British Overseas Territory, encompasses a significant portion of the Antarctic continent, along with various offshore islands. While the territory remains largely uninhabited, it serves as a crucial hub for scientific research and exploration. With Rothera serving as its capital, the territory has a non-permanent population of about 400 individuals, primarily comprising scientific researchers, support staff, and other personnel temporarily stationed in research stations. The territory's primary focus lies in facilitating and conducting vital scientific research and exploration, particularly in the fields of environmental conservation, climate change, glaciology, and marine biology. Managed and operated by the British Antarctic Survey, the British Antarctic Territory plays a crucial role in global scientific collaboration, contributing to the advancement of knowledge about the unique ecosystem and the effects of climate change in the Antarctic region. Despite its challenging and remote environment, the British Antarctic Territory remains an essential area for understanding and preserving the delicate balance of the Antarctic ecosystem.

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