Flag of Dominica (GIF)

The flag of Dominica consists of a green field with a centered cross of three bands of yellow, black, and white. It has a red disc with a purple Sisserou parrot placed in the middle of the cross and is surrounded by ten green stars. The green field represents the lush vegetation of the island. The cross represents the Trinity and Christianity. The three colors of the cross symbolize the native Indians, fertile soil, and pure water. The ten green stars refer to the country's 10 parishes, while the red disc represents social justice. The height-to-width ratio in the flag is 1:2, and the flag was adopted on November 3, 1978.

Its coat of arms includes a banana tree, a frog, a palm, and a sailing canoe on a shield with a lion on it and supported by two Sisserou parrots.

The Dominica flag is waving on a flagpole rising from the world globe.
Dominica is an island republic in the West Indies, in the Caribbean. Its capital is Roseau, and its population is about 75,000.

The waving flag of Dominica with its coat of arms (unofficial)

Capital and largest city:Roseau (pop. 17,000)
Other major cities:Portsmouth (4,000)
Official languages:English
Ethnic groups:86.6% Black (African)
9.1% Multiracial
2.9% Island Caribs
1.3% European or Other
0.2% Unspecified
Religion:94.4% Christians
3% Folk religion
0.5% Irreligious
0.1% Muslims
2.0% Other
Area:750 km² (290 sq mi)
Currency:East Caribbean dollar

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