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The national flag of Costa Rica consists of five horizontal bands in blue, white, and red, with a coat of arms on the red band. The color blue represents the sky, opportunities, idealism, and perseverance. The color white symbolizes peace, wisdom, and happiness. The red color expresses the warmth and generosity of the Costa Rican people as well as the martyrs blood spilled in the country's defense. The height-to-width ratio in the flag is 3:5, and the flag was adopted on November 27, 1906.

In addition, its coat of arms has three volcanoes symbolizing the three mountain ranges in the country, two seas representing the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, two sailing ships symbolizing maritime, seven stars representing the provinces of the country, and golden beads symbolizing the coffee beans, an important product of the country.

The Costa Rica flag is waving on a flagpole rising from the world globe.
Costa Rica, which is officially the Republic of Costa Rica, is a country in Central America. Its capital is San José, and its population is about 5,060,000.

The waving flag of Costa Rica without a coat of arms

Capital and largest city:San Jose (pop. 334,000)
Other major cities:Puerto Limon (56,000)
Alajuela (43,000)
Heredia (41,000)
Official languages:Spanish
Region:Central America
Ethnic groups:83.6% Mestizo
6.7% Mulatto
2.4% Amerindian
1.1% African
6.2% Others
Religion:52% Catholic
25% Protestant
17% Irreligion
3% Buddhism and others
3% Unknown
Demonym:Costa Rican
Area:51,100 km²
(19,700 sq mi)
Currency:Costa Rican colon

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