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The flag of Malta (Maltese: Bandiera ta' Malta) is a simple yet striking design featuring two vertical bands, one white and one red, with a depiction of the George Cross in the upper-left corner of the white band. The white color symbolizes peace, unity, and the unique limestone of Malta, while the red color represents bravery and the nation's dedication to defending its values and freedom. Also, the white and red colors of the flag are believed to have been bestowed by Roger I of Sicily in 1090. The George Cross, a prominent feature of the flag, is a symbol of honor and resilience, awarded to Malta by King George VI in 1942 for the island's exceptional bravery and heroism during World War II. This flag design is a powerful representation of Malta's rich history, resilience, and unwavering commitment to peace and freedom.

Adopted:September 21, 1964
Designed by:Roger I of Sicily (Original design)
Flag image:Animated GIF (25 frames looped)
Flag emoji code:🇲🇹

The coat of arms of Malta is a rich emblem consisting of various symbolic elements. It features a shield that heraldically represents the national flag of Malta. Above the shield is a golden mural crown with a sally port and five turrets, symbolizing the fortifications of Malta and signifying a city-state. Encircling the shield is a wreath comprising two branches, one of olive and the other of palm, representing peace and traditionally associated with Malta, tied at the base with a white-red ribbon. Upon this ribbon are inscribed the words "Repubblika ta' Malta" ("Republic of Malta" in Maltese), written in capital letters in black. This intricate coat of arms encapsulates Malta's history, fortitude, and dedication to peace and independence.

The Maltese flag is waving on a flagpole rising from the globe.
Malta, officially known as the Republic of Malta, is a southern European island country consisting of a group of islands in the Mediterranean. Its capital is Valletta, and its population is about 516,869 (2021). According to its maritime borders, it borders with Italy, Libya, and Tunisia.

The waving flag of Malta with its coat of arms (unofficial)
Other major city:St. Paul's Bay
Official languages:Maltese,
Region:Southern Europe
Ethnic groups:95.3% Maltese,
1.6% British,
3.1% others
Religions:95.2% Christian,
0.3% Islam,
3.9% Atheist,
0.6% Agnostic
Nationality name:Maltese
Area:316 km²
(122 sq mi)
Population:516,869 (2021)
Country codes:MT, MLT (ISO 3166)
Internet Top-Level Domain:.mt
Calling code:+356

Keywords: Flag and coat of arms of Malta (Maltese: Bandiera u stemma ta' Malta; Italian: Bandiera e stemma di Malta), GIF

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The flag of Malta's been recoloured on Wikipedia to have the cross in white.
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