Laos Flag GIF (ທຸງຊາດລາວ)

The flag of Laos (Lao: ທຸງຊາດລາວ; French: Le drapeau du Laos) is a tri-colored flag consisting of horizontal red, blue, and red stripes with a white disc in the center. The white disk in the center symbolizes the unity of the Lao people under one nation. The red stripes point to the Lao people's blood spilled in the struggle for freedom and independence on both sides of the Mekong River. And the blue stripe represents the Mekong River itself, a symbol of the prosperity of the nation. The height-to-width ratio in the flag is 2:3, and the flag was adopted on October 12, 1945.

Surrounded by spikes of rice, the emblem features the country's national shrine, Pha That Luang, a dam symbolizing electricity generation, a cogwheel, a road, a paddy field, and a forest. The strip on the left reads "Peace, Independence, Democracy," and on the right "Unity and Prosperity."

The Laos flag is waving on a flagpole rising from the globe.
Laos, officially known as the Lao People's Democratic Republic, is a landlocked country in Southeast Asia. Its capital is Vientiane, and its population is about 7.379 million (2021). According to its land borders, it borders with Myanmar, Cambodia, China, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The waving flag of Laos with its emblem (unofficial)
Capital and largest city:Vientiane
Other major cities:Pakxe,
Official languages:Lao, French
Region:South-eastern Asia
Ethnic groups:53.2% Lao,
11% Khmu,
9.2% Hmong,
3.4% Phouthai,
3.1% Tai,
2.5% Makong,
2.2% Katang,
2.0% Lue,
1.8% Akha,
11.6% others
Religions:64.7% Buddhism,
31.4% Tai folk religion,
1.7% Christianity,
0.8% Islam,
1.3% Other
Nationality name:Lao, Laotian
Area:237,955 km²
(91,875 sq mi)
Population:7.379 million (2021)
Country codes:LA, LAO (ISO 3166)
Internet Top-Level
Calling code:+856
Flag emoji code:🇱🇦

Keywords: Flag and emblem of Laos (Lao: ທຸງຊາດລາວ - ເຄື່ອງໝາຍຊາດລາວ; French: Drapeau et emblème du Laos), GIF

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