Madagascar Flag GIF (sainan'i Madagasikara)

The flag of Madagascar (Malagasy: sainan'i Madagasikara; French: drapeau de Madagascar) consists of two horizontal bands of red and green with a white vertical band on the left. The flag's colors represent the history of Madagascar: red and white are the colors of the Kingdom of Merina, and green is the color of Hova, the largest peasant class. The height-to-width ratio in the flag is 2:3, and the flag was adopted on October 14, 1958.

Its yellow seal includes a red map of the island in the middle and the head of a zebu cattle below the map. The red rays emanating from the map make it similar to the sun, and the green rays are similar to Ravenala, a plant native to Madagascar.

The Madagascar flag is waving on a flagpole rising from the globe.
Madagascar, officially known as the Republic of Madagascar, is an island country in the Indian Ocean on the coast of East Africa. Its capital is Antananarivo, and its population is about 28.43 million (2021). According to its maritime borders, it borders with Comoros, France, Mauritius, Mozambique, and Seychelles.

The waving flag of Madagascar with its seal
Capital and largest city:Antananarivo
Other major cities:Toamasina,
Official languages:Malagasy, French
Region:Eastern Africa
Ethnic groups:26% Merina,
15% Betsimisaraka,
12% Betsileo,
7% Tsimihety,
6% Sakalava,
34% others
Religions:52% Indigenous beliefs,
41% Christianity,
7% Islam
Nationality name:Malagasy
Area:587,041 km²
(226,658 sq mi)
Population:28.43 million (2021)
Currency:Malagasy ariary
Country codes:MG, MDG (ISO 3166)
Internet Top-Level
Calling code:+261
Flag emoji code:🇲🇬

Keywords: Flag and seal of Madagascar (Malagasy: Sainan'i Madagasikara - Mari-piandrian'i Madagasikara; French: Drapeau et sceau de Madagascar), GIF

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