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A green flag may refer to:

  • The green flag is one of several racing flags and indicates that the race has begun or is ongoing. displayed by the starter to show the start of a race. displayed during a race to show that the race has started again after a warning period or a delay.
  • The Green Flag Award is the basic national standard for public parks and green spaces in the UK and is used to promote and reward green spaces that meet high environmental standards.
  • A green flag on the beach is used to indicate "low danger" or safe conditions at sea.
  • A "green flag" is an award given to a swimming beach that meets EU cleaning standards.
  • A green flag means "proceed" on the railroad.

Also, green is a secondary color. It is often used to represent nature, healing, or fertility. It can be a very relaxing color, but it is also used in the U.S. to symbolize money, greed, or jealousy. To say someone is "green" means that they are inexperienced or new.

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