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A red flag may refer to:

  • Red flag (idiom), a metaphor for something that points to a problem
  • Red flag warning, a term used by meteorologists for fire warning
  • "Red flag" (racing), is used in auto racing when conditions are too dangerous to continue racing.
  • Red flag (politics), a symbol of communism, socialism, or leftist politics
  • A red flag is used by a coach to signal a replay review in gridiron football.
  • A red flag, is used as a warning of danger. A red flag means "high hazard," which can mean strong currents and tall waves at sea. This flag also means "no swimming" on many beaches.
  • The red flag, used as the symbol of the socialist revolution
  • A red flag means "stop" on the railroad.

Also, red is one of the primary colors. It is often associated with love, passion, and lust. It is often used in relation to Valentine's Day. It can also be used to indicate danger or warning, but it is also about importance. For example, it is used for stop signs and fire trucks.

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