Azerbaijan Flag GIF (Azərbaycan Bayrağı)

The flag of Azerbaijan (Azerbaijani: Azərbaycan bayrağı) consists of three equal horizontal stripes of blue, red, and green, with a centered white crescent and an eight-pointed star in the red stripe. The blue color symbolizes Azerbaijan's Turkic heritage, and the red color stands for progress. The green color and the white crescent represent Islam. Also, the eight points of the star also represent the eight Turkic peoples of Azerbaijan. The height-to-width ratio in the flag is 1:2, and the flag was adopted on February 5, 1991.

In addition, the national emblem has the inscription "Allah" in the form of a flame, symbolizing Islam (also oil and gas resources), a wheat ear, symbolizing abundance, and an oak branch, symbolizing strength.

The Azerbaijan flag is waving on a flagpole rising from the globe.
Azerbaijan, officially the Republic of Azerbaijan, is a country at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and West Asia in the South Caucasus region of Eurasia. Its capital is Baku, and its population is about 10.15 million (2021). According to its land and sea borders, it borders with Armenia, Georgia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkey, and Turkmenistan.

The waving flag of Azerbaijan with its emblem (unofficial)
The national emblem of Azerbaijan on a waving white flag
Capital and largest city:Baku
Other major cities:Sumqayıt,
Official language:Azerbaijani
Region:Western Asia
Ethnic groups:91.60% Azerbaijani,
2.02% Lezgin,
1.35% Armenian,
1.34% Russian,
1.26% Talysh,
2.43% others
Religions:97.4% Islam,
1.1% Christianity,
1.0% None,
0.5% Others
Nationality name:Azerbaijani
Area:86,600 km²
(33,400 sq mi)
Population:10.15 million (2021)
Country codes:AZ, AZE (ISO 3166)
Internet Top-Level
Calling code:+994
Flag emoji code:🇦🇿

Keywords: Flag and emblem of Azerbaijan (Azerbaijani: Azərbaycan bayrağı və gerbi; Turkish: Azerbaycan bayrağı ve amblemi), GIF

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