White Flag (GIF)

A white flag universally signifies surrender, peace, or the conclusion of an event, ranging from motorsports and maritime contexts to sports officiating and peaceful protests:

  • Surrender/Peace: Universally recognized as a symbol of surrender or a desire for peace. The white flag is an internationally recognized protective sign of a ceasefire and negotiation request. It is also used to symbolize surrender because it is often the weaker side that wants to negotiate. The white flag indicates that a negotiator approaching with the intention to surrender or a desire to communicate is unarmed.
  • Metaphoric: A sign that failure or defeat is accepted.
  • Motorsports: Used to signal the end of a race or session. In FIA-approved races, the white flag warns that there is a slow car ahead. In non-FIA races, a white racing flag is displayed from the starter tower to show that the race leader is running the last lap.
  • Nautical/Maritime: A signal of truce or surrender at sea.
  • Sports Officiating: In some sports, a white flag can indicate the end of a game or match.
  • Aviation: Historically used to indicate a desire for a meeting or a truce between aircraft during wartime.
  • Safety (General): Raised as a safety flag, indicating a neutral or non-threatening situation.
  • Soccer/Football: In soccer/football, a white flag may be used by referees to signal a goal kick.
  • Communication (Digital Platforms): In digital communication or social media, a white flag may be used as an emoji to represent surrender or acceptance.
  • Emergency Situations: Raised to signal a request for a cease-fire or a halt in emergency situations.
  • Peaceful Protest: In some protest movements, a white flag symbolizes a peaceful demonstration.
  • Golf: Used in golf to signal that a player is picking up their ball and conceding a hole.
  • Emergency Evacuation: Used in emergency situations to signal a safe assembly point.
  • Railways: A white flag means "proceed" on the railroad.
  • Healthcare: The white flag was a symbol of support for doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers fighting the 2019–20 coronavirus outbreak.

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