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The flag of Panama (Spanish: Bandera de Panamá) has a distinctive and symbolically rich design. It is a rectangle divided into four quarters: the upper left part is white with a five-pointed blue star; the upper right is red; the bottom left is blue; and the bottom right is white with a five-pointed red star. The blue color represents the Conservative Party, and the red color represents the Liberal Party. The color white represents peace and purity. The blue star symbolizes the purity and integrity of country life. The red star represents the authority and law of the country, and the stars represent the new republic. Collectively, these elements reflect Panama's political history, its commitment to peace and purity, and the ideals of the new republic, making the flag a powerful representation of the country's identity and values.

Adopted:March 25, 1925
Designed by:María de la Ossa de Amador
Flag image:Animated GIF (25 frames looped)
Flag emoji code:🇵🇦

The coat of arms of Panama on a waving white flag
The coat of arms of Panama is a highly detailed and symbolically rich emblem. Its shield features a crossed sword and rifle, representing the nation's struggle for independence from both Spain and Colombia, and a crossed pickaxe and spade, symbolizing the monumental effort in constructing the Panama Canal, a key element of the country's history and development. The Panama Canal landscape, a central feature, underscores its significance in the nation's identity. Additionally, a horn of plenty signifies the country's wealth and resources, while a winged wheel represents progress and innovation. Above the shield, a harpy eagle, Panama's national bird, holds a white stripe with the words "Pro Mundi Beneficio" (For the Benefit of the World) in its beak, and above the eagle are ten stars, each symbolizing one of the country's ten provinces. This coat of arms beautifully encapsulates Panama's history, achievements, and regional diversity, serving as a powerful emblem of the nation's identity and aspirations.

The Panama flag is waving on a flagpole rising from the globe.
Panama, officially known as the Republic of Panama, is a country in Central America. Its capital is Panama City, and its population is about 4.382 million (2021). According to its land and sea borders, it borders with Colombia, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua.

The waving flag of Panama with its coat of arms (unofficial)
Capital and largest city:Panama City
Other major city:San Miguelito
Official languages:Spanish
Region:Central America
Ethnic groups:65% Mestizo,
12.3% Native Panamanians,
9.2% Afro-Panamanian,
6.8% Mulatto,
6.7% White Panamanian
Religions:65% Catholics,
25% Protestants,
10% Others
Nationality name:Panamanian
Area:75,417 km²
(29,119 sq mi)
Population:4.382 million (2021)
Country codes:PA, PAN (ISO 3166)
Internet Top-Level Domain:.pa
Calling code:+507

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