Flag of Tokelau (GIF)

The flag of Tokelau is a compelling representation of the island territory's cultural identity and aspirations. Set against a dark blue backdrop, the flag features a yellow stylized sailing Tokelauan canoe on the right and four five-pointed white stars forming the Southern Cross on the left. The canoe serves as a powerful symbol, representing the journey towards discovering the most suitable government structure for the Tokelauan people, while the Southern Cross stands as a navigational aid for this voyage. The white stars not only represent Christianity but also evoke the principles of cooperation and unity among the atolls of Tokelau. Additionally, the color white signifies harmony in diversity. Complementing this, the use of yellow symbolizes a joyous and peaceful community, while the dark blue reflects the vast expanse of the ocean and the sky, encapsulating Tokelau's maritime identity and geographical surroundings. Together, these elements create a visually rich and meaningful flag that tells the story of Tokelau's journey, faith, unity, and cultural ethos.

Adopted:September 7, 2009
Flag image:Animated GIF (25 frames looped)
Flag emoji code:🇹🇰

Tokelau, a group of three atolls in the South Pacific, is a non-self-governing territory administered by New Zealand. With no official capital, the atolls—Atafu, Nukunonu, and Fakaofo—operate as a unified entity. Tokelau has a small population of around 1,500 people (2016) people, primarily of Polynesian descent, and the residents predominantly follow Christianity. The atolls are characterized by their idyllic landscapes, coral reefs, and a vibrant marine ecosystem. Tokelau's governance involves a Council for each atoll and a national General Fono, ensuring a participatory approach to decision-making. Despite its remote location, Tokelau is engaged in global initiatives related to climate change and sustainable development. The atolls maintain close ties with New Zealand, receiving economic assistance and support for infrastructure development. Tokelau's unique position as a non-self-governing territory underscores its distinct cultural identity within the broader context of the Pacific region.

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