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The flag of Wallis and Futuna (French: Drapeau de Wallis et Futuna) is a symbolic representation of the territory's history and cultural heritage. Set against a red backdrop, it features a red saltire within a white square on the fly side, accompanied by the flag of France in the upper left corner. The red color symbolizes courage, while white represents the purity of ideals. The red saltire is adorned with triangles, each carrying symbolic significance. These triangles signify the three indigenous kings of the islands and the French administrator, reflecting the historical governance structure. The presence of the French tricolor in the corner serves as a nod to the region's history of French influence and dominance. Together, the elements on the flag weave a narrative of Wallis and Futuna's cultural diversity, traditional leadership, and its enduring connection with France. In addition, the national flag of France is officially used instead of this flag.

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Wallis and Futuna, a French overseas collectivity in the South Pacific, is an archipelago of three main islands—Wallis, Futuna, and Alofi. The capital is Mata-Utu, located on the island of Wallis. With a combined population of around 11,558 (2018) residents, the territory maintains a unique blend of Polynesian and French influences. The islands are characterized by their traditional Polynesian culture, including intricate tattoos, dances, and customary chiefdoms. The economy relies on subsistence agriculture, fishing, and financial assistance from France. Wallis and Futuna's political structure incorporates a traditional monarchy, with three kings governing the separate kingdoms on the islands. Despite its remote location, the territory remains an intriguing blend of Pacific island traditions and French governance, creating a distinct cultural landscape in the heart of the South Pacific.

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The flag colours on Wikipedia have been changed to match the darker French flag colours.
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