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The flag of Niue consists of a yellow star in the center of the Union Jack in the upper left corner and four yellow stars forming a diamond around it. The yellow color represents Niue's bright sunlight, the four small stars represent the Southern Cross and the island's union with New Zealand, and the large starry blue disc represents the island of Niue and the azure sea surrounding the island. The height-to-width ratio in the flag is 1:2, and the flag was adopted on October 15, 1975. Also, its seal consists of a centered coat of arms of New Zealand.

The Niuean flag is waving on a flagpole rising from the globe.
Niue is an island country in the South Pacific Ocean, some 2,400 kilometers northeast of New Zealand. Its capital is Alofi, and its population is about 1,620 (2018).

The waving flag of Niue with its seal (unofficial)
The seal of Niue on a waving white flag
The waving vertical flag of Niue (Animated GIF)
Capital and largest city:Alofi
Other major city:Hakupu
Official languages:English, Niuean
Ethnic groups:67% Niuean,
13% Part-Niuean,
12% European and Asian,
8% Pacific Islander
Religions:92% Christian,
6% Other,
2% None
Nationality name:Niuean
Area:261.46 km²
(100.95 sq mi)
Population:1,620 (2018)
Currency:New Zealand dollar
Country codes:NU, NIU (ISO 3166)
Internet Top-Level
Calling code:+683
Flag emoji code:🇳🇺

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