Mayotte Flag GIF (Drapeau de Mayotte)

The Mayotte flag (French: Drapeau de Mayotte) consists of the Mayotte coat of arms centered on a white field and a red "MAYOTTE" inscription above the coat of arms. The colors blue, white, and red refer to the French flag. Ylang-ylang flowers represent the main agricultural resource on the island, while the crescent symbolizes the religion of Islam. Seahorses refer to the island's seahorse-like shape, while its slogan means "We are Vigilant." The flag's height-to-width ratio is 2:3, and officially the national flag of France is used instead of this flag.

Mayotte is an archipelago and an overseas department and region of France, located on the northern Mozambique Canal in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Southeast Africa. It has no capital city, and its population is approximately 270,372 (2019).

Flag emoji code:🇾🇹

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