Kosovo Flag GIF (Flamuri i Kosovës)

The flag of the Republic of Kosovo (Albanian: flamuri i Republikës së Kosovës, Serbian: застава Републике Косово / zastava Republike Kosovo) consists of six white stars above a golden map of Kosovo in a blue field. The six stars symbolize Kosovo's six dominant ethnic groups: Albanians, Serbs, Bosniaks, Turks, Romani, and Gorani. The height-to-width ratio in the flag is 5:7, and the flag was adopted on February 17, 2008. The blue shield with gold borders in its emblem also includes six stars and a map of Kosovo, as in the flag.

The Kosovo flag is waving on a flagpole rising from the globe.
Kosovo, officially known as the Republic of Kosovo, is a partially recognized state in Southeast Europe. Its capital is Pristina, and its population is about 1,935,259 (2021). According to its land borders, it borders with Albania, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Serbia.

The waving flag of Kosovo with its coat of arms (unofficial)
The coat of arms of Kosovo on a waving white flag
The waving vertical flag of Kosovo (Animated GIF)
Capital and largest city:Pristina
Other major city:Prizren
Official languages:Albanian, Serbian
Region:Southeastern Europe
Ethnic groups:92.9% Albanians,
1.6% Bosniaks,
1.5% Serbs,
1.1% Turks,
0.9% Ashkali,
0.7% Egyptian,
0.6% Gorani,
0.5% Romani,
0.2% other
Religions:95.6% Muslim,
2.2% Catholic,
1.5% Orthodox,
0.7% Other
Nationality name:Kosovar, Kosovan
Area:10,887 km²
(4,203 sq mi)
Population:1,935,259 (2021)
Calling code:+383
Flag emoji code:🇽🇰

Keywords: Flag and coat of arms of Kosovo (Albanian: Flamuri dhe stema e Kosovës; Serbian: Zastava i grb Kosova / Застава и грб Косова), GIF

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