Flag of French Guiana (GIF)

The flag of French Guiana (French: Drapeau de la Guyane française) is a visually striking composition, featuring a red five-pointed star set against a backdrop of two triangular areas divided diagonally: green at the top and yellow at the bottom. The upper green triangle is emblematic of the lush forests that dominate the region, highlighting the rich biodiversity of French Guiana. Contrasting with this, the lower yellow triangle represents the wealth of underground resources, including significant deposits of gold. At the heart of the flag, the red five-pointed star stands as a symbol of the socialist principles guiding the country. Together, these elements encapsulate the natural beauty, resource abundance, and ideological underpinnings of French Guiana, offering a visual representation of its unique identity within the larger context of South America. (Moreover, only the French flag is officially recognized as the national flag by the French constitution.)

Adopted:January 29, 2010
Flag image:Animated GIF (25 frames looped)
Flag emoji code:🇬🇫

French Guiana, situated on the northeastern coast of South America, is an overseas department and region of France. The prefecture, or administrative capital, of French Guiana is Cayenne, a city with a rich historical and cultural tapestry. The population of French Guiana is approximately 294,071 (2021), characterized by a diverse mix of ethnicities and cultures, including indigenous peoples, descendants of African slaves, and various immigrant communities. The region's economy is notably influenced by the Guiana Space Centre, a European Space Agency facility that contributes significantly to the local economy and international space exploration efforts. The lush and biodiverse landscape of French Guiana encompasses dense rainforests, the Maroni River, and the Tumuc-Humac mountains, providing a habitat for a wide array of plant and animal species. Despite its natural beauty, French Guiana faces challenges such as environmental conservation, social issues, and healthcare concerns. As an integral part of France and the European Union, French Guiana holds a unique position with geopolitical implications, adding a distinctive dimension to its identity within the global community.

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