Flag of Guadeloupe (GIF)

Guadeloupe is an archipelago in the Caribbean and a French department and territory overseas. It has no capital city, and its population is approximately 400,000.

The flag of Guadeloupe features a yellow sun and a green sugar cane on a black (or red) background, and a blue stripe charged with three yellow stylized lilies on top. Sugarcane has long been one of the archipelago's main economic resources, and the sun refers to the climatic conditions. The black background symbolizes the black continent and the African foundation of the population of Guadeloupe. Stylized lilies are a historical reference to the attachment of Guadeloupe to the royal domain. The height-to-width ratio of the flag is 2:3. In addition, the national flag of France is officially used instead of this flag.

Keywords: Flag of Guadeloupe (French: Drapeau de la Guadeloupe), GIF

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