Flag of Sint Eustatius (GIF)

The flag of Sint Eustatius (Dutch: Vlag van Sint Eustatius) is a vibrant and symbolic representation of the island's identity and history. The four five-sided blue polygons, bordered in red, eloquently depict the surrounding ocean, underscoring the island's maritime significance. At the heart of the flag lies a diamond-shaped white field, within which a green silhouette artfully captures the profile of the island and its prominent Quill volcano. Above this silhouette, a golden five-pointed star symbolizes unity among the island's diverse community. The red framing signifies the Delonix regia, a flamboyant tree historically associated with Emancipation Day celebrations, reflecting the island's rich cultural heritage. Additionally, the white diamond holds particular significance as it references a diamond waterfall mentioned in the national anthem, "Golden Rock," contributing to the overall narrative of Sint Eustatius's natural beauty and cultural legacy encapsulated within its distinctive flag.

Adopted:July 29, 2004
Flag image:Animated GIF (25 frames looped)

Sint Eustatius, also known as Statia, is an island and special municipality of the Netherlands nestled in the Caribbean. Oranjestad, a charming town characterized by colorful colonial architecture, serves as the capital of the island. With an approximate population of 3,138 (2019) residents, Sint Eustatius boasts a rich cultural heritage showcased in its well-preserved historical sites and museums, notably the restored Fort Oranje. Traditionally driven by trade and commerce due to its strategic Caribbean location, the island combines economic activity with natural splendor. The Quill National Park, home to the dormant Quill volcano, attracts nature enthusiasts seeking the island's scenic landscapes. This unique Caribbean destination seamlessly blends historical significance, cultural diversity, and natural beauty, making Sint Eustatius a captivating enclave within the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

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