Torres Strait Islander Flag (GIF)

The Torres Strait Islander flag, an official flag of Australia, encapsulates the cultural identity and connection to the land and sea of Torres Strait Islanders. The green bands at the top and bottom symbolize the islands' land, while the central blue band represents the surrounding waters of the Torres Strait. Thin black lines between the green and blue bands signify the Torres Strait Islanders themselves. At the heart of the flag is a white five-pointed star, representing the five major island groups, and encircled by a white dhari, a traditional headdress, symbolizing unity among Torres Strait Islanders. The star serves as a navigation symbol, reflecting the seafaring heritage of the community, while the color white embodies the desire for peace. This flag stands as a powerful emblem of cultural pride, heritage, and the unique identity of the Torres Strait Islanders within the broader Australian context.

Proportion:2:3 (as depicted above) or 1:2
Adopted:July 14, 1995
Designed by:Bernard Namok
Flag image:Animated GIF (25 frames looped)

Torres Strait Islanders are the Indigenous peoples of the Torres Strait Islands, located between the northern tip of Australia and Papua New Guinea. With a cultural history spanning thousands of years, Torres Strait Islanders are renowned for their rich traditions, including intricate art, music, and dance forms. The Torres Strait Islander communities, comprising distinct language groups, maintain a deep connection to the surrounding land and sea. The Torres Strait Islands are divided into five major island groups, each contributing to the diverse cultural tapestry of the community. The population of Torres Strait Islanders is estimated to be around 66,387 (Islands 4,514, Australia mainland 61,873), reflecting the unique heritage and resilience of this Indigenous group. Despite historical challenges and ongoing efforts for recognition and rights, Torres Strait Islanders continue to play a vital role in shaping Australia's cultural landscape while preserving and celebrating their own distinctive traditions and identity.

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