Flag of New Jersey (GIF)

The flag of New Jersey showcases the state's coat of arms on a distinctive buff-colored background, which traces its roots back to George Washington's orders for the New Jersey Continental Line's uniform coats during the Revolutionary War. The coat of arms itself is rich in symbolism, featuring a blue shield with three plows, representing the state's strong agricultural heritage and earning it the moniker "Garden State." A forward-facing helmet symbolizes the state's governance, while the crest of the helmet depicts a horse's head. Two female figures, Liberty and Ceres, representing the state's motto, are portrayed, with Liberty holding a staff supporting a stylized Phrygian cap and Ceres holding an overflowing cornucopia. The streamer at the emblem's foot bears the State Motto of New Jersey, "Liberty and Prosperity," along with the year of statehood, 1776, encapsulating the state's commitment to freedom, abundance, and its enduring place in American history.

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New Jersey, a state in the northeastern United States, is known for its diverse landscapes, bustling cities, and rich cultural heritage. With a population of approximately 9.267 million (2021) people, it stands as the most densely populated state in the country. Trenton serves as the state capital, while Newark is the largest city, recognized for its vibrant arts and cultural scene. New Jersey boasts a strong economy driven by industries such as pharmaceuticals, finance, and telecommunications, as well as a thriving tourism sector thanks to its beautiful beaches along the Jersey Shore. The state's rich history includes its significant role in the American Revolutionary War and its position as one of the original thirteen colonies. New Jersey is also renowned for its diverse culinary scene, with a fusion of cuisines reflecting the cultural diversity of its residents. With its blend of urban sophistication, scenic coastlines, and historic significance, New Jersey offers a dynamic and culturally rich experience for residents and visitors alike.

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