Flag of Kansas (GIF)

The flag of Kansas is characterized by a deep-blue silk rectangle, adorned with the state seal positioned at its center. Above the seal, a sunflower blooms over a bar of gold and light blue, while the name "KANSAS" appears below the seal. The seal itself narrates the state's history, portraying key elements of pioneer life. It showcases a landscape with a rising sun, symbolizing the eastern direction; a river and a steamboat depict the importance of commerce, while a settler's cabin and a man plowing a field represent the significance of agriculture. Further, a wagon train heading west symbolizes American expansion, and a scene of Indians hunting American bison portrays the region's rich Native American heritage. The cluster of 34 stars positioned atop the seal signifies Kansas as the 34th state to be admitted into the Union, with the state motto in Latin "Ad Astra per Aspera" (To the Stars through Difficulties) serving as an enduring reminder of the state's resilient spirit and journey to success.

Adopted:September 24, 1961
Flag image:Animated GIF (25 frames looped)

Kansas, a state located in the heart of the United States, is known for its vast, rolling plains, rich agricultural heritage, and historic role in the westward expansion of the United States. The state capital, Topeka, and the bustling city of Wichita are among its key urban centers. With a population of around 2.935 million (2021) people, Kansas boasts a strong agricultural economy, producing wheat, corn, and livestock. It's renowned for its tornado-prone weather, which has earned it the nickname "Tornado Alley." The state's diverse geography includes the iconic Flint Hills, picturesque rivers, and expansive prairies, offering ample opportunities for outdoor recreation and exploration. The state's commitment to education and community values, reflected in its nickname "The Sunflower State," creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for residents and visitors alike.

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