Flag of Montana (GIF)

The flag of Montana features a blue field, symbolizing the state's nickname, "Big Sky Country," and signifies the expansive blue skies that cover the region. In the center, the state seal is displayed, showcasing the dramatic scenery of the Rocky Mountains, a representation of the state's rugged landscape and its rich natural resources. The plow, pick, and shovel depicted within the seal embody Montana's strong agricultural and mining heritage, highlighting the importance of these industries to the state's history and economy. The ribbon below the landscape bears the state motto, "ORO Y PLATA," meaning "Gold and Silver" in Spanish, which pays tribute to the valuable minerals that have played a significant role in shaping Montana's development. The flag's overall design captures Montana's proud heritage, its natural beauty, and its enduring spirit of exploration and resourcefulness.

Adopted:July 1, 1981
Flag image:Animated GIF (25 frames looped)

Montana, a state located in the northwestern United States, boasts an array of natural wonders, from the soaring Rocky Mountains to the vast Great Plains. Helena serves as the state's capital, while Billings is its largest city. With a population of around 1.104 million as of 2021, Montana is known for its pristine landscapes and a rich heritage deeply rooted in mining, agriculture, and the legacy of the American West. The state is celebrated for its breathtaking national parks, including Glacier and Yellowstone, which draw tourists from around the world. Montana's economy thrives on agriculture, notably wheat, barley, and cattle production, with mining, timber, and tourism playing vital roles in the state's economic landscape. The state's residents are known for their independent spirit and love for outdoor activities, forging a unique blend of rugged terrain, cultural heritage, and a profound connection to the natural world.

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