Flag of Arkansas (GIF)

The flag of Arkansas is a unique and distinctive design featuring a large blue-bordered diamond on a red field. Inside the diamond, there are 25 white stars, symbolizing Arkansas's position as the 25th state to join the Union. The blue star above the state name denotes the Confederacy, reflecting Arkansas's historical significance during the Civil War. The three stars below the state name represent the three countries that have claimed Arkansas: Spain, France, and the United States. The design of the flag pays homage to the state's history and rich heritage while highlighting its unique position within the United States.

Adopted:February 26, 1913
(modifications in 1923, 1924, and 2011)
Designed by:Willie K. Hocker
Flag image:Animated GIF (25 frames looped)

Arkansas, a state located in the southeastern region of the United States, is known for its diverse geography, encompassing lush forests, fertile plains, and the picturesque Ozark Mountains. With its capital in Little Rock and a population of 3.026 million (2021) people, the state's economy is primarily based on industries such as agriculture, manufacturing, and natural resources. Arkansas boasts a rich cultural heritage, with a strong influence from its Native American, European, and Southern roots. The state is recognized for its contributions to American music, particularly in genres like blues, country, and rock and roll. Arkansas is also renowned for its outdoor recreational activities, including fishing, hunting, and hiking, drawing nature enthusiasts and adventurers to its scenic landscapes and abundant wildlife. Additionally, the state is home to several well-known educational institutions and a burgeoning arts and culinary scene, contributing to its vibrant and dynamic cultural fabric.

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