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The flag of the Cook Islands (Maori: Te pīwari o ngā Kuki Airani) is a blue ensign consisting of the Union Flag on the top left and fifteen white stars lined up in a circle on the right. The Union Flag is a symbol of the country's historical ties with the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth. The fifteen stars represent the fifteen islands that make up the Cook Islands. The height-to-width ratio in the flag is 1:2, and the flag was adopted on August 4, 1979.

The blue shield in its coat of arms includes the stars on the flag. Behind the shield is a cross and a Rarotongan club, symbolizing Christianity and tradition. Above the shield is a traditional headdress of red feathers, and the shield is supported by a flying fish and a white tern.

The Cook Islands flag is waving on a flagpole rising from the globe.
The Cook Islands is a self-governing island country in the South Pacific Ocean that is in free association with New Zealand. Its capital is Avarua, and its population is about 17,459 (2016).

The waving flag of the Cook Islands with its coat of arms (unofficial)
The coat of arms of the Cook Islands on a waving white flag
The waving vertical flag of the Cook Islands (Animated GIF)
Capital and largest city:Avarua
Other major city:Amuri
Official languages:English,
Cook Islands Māori
Ethnic groups:81.3% Māori,
6.7% Part-Māori,
11.9% Other
Religions:96% Christian,
0.1% Muslim,
0.1% Hindu,
0.1% Buddhist,
0.1% Folk Religion,
0.1% Jew,
3.2% Unaffiliated
Nationality name:Cook Islander
Area:236.7 km²
(91.4 sq mi)
Population:17,459 (2016)
Currency:New Zealand dollar,
Cook Islands dollar
Country codes:CK, COK (ISO 3166)
Internet Top-Level
Calling code:+682
Flag emoji code:🇨🇰

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