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The flag of Vanuatu (Bislama: flaeg blong Vanuatu; French: Drapeau du Vanuatu) is a symbol-rich representation of the nation's identity and values. It consists of a black left triangle, two horizontal stripes, red and green, separated by a horizontal yellow Y shape with a black border. The black triangle features two crossed namele tree leaves surrounded by a wild boar tusk. The green color signifies the wealth of the islands, while the red color represents the universal bond of humanity through shared blood. The black symbolizes the Ni-Vanuatu people, the indigenous population. The yellow Y-shape signifies the arrangement of the Vanuatu islands on the map and the spreading light of the gospel across the islands, reflecting the predominantly Christian population. The wild boar tusk is a symbol of well-being, while the leaves embody peace, and the 39 leaflets represent the 39 members of the Vanuatu Parliament. Collectively, the flag encapsulates Vanuatu's cultural and religious identity, unity, and aspirations for peace, prosperity, and harmony.

Proportion:2:3, 3:5 or 19:36
Adopted:February 18, 1980
Designed by:Kalontas Mahlon
Flag image:Animated GIF (25 frames looped)
Flag emoji code:🇻🇺

The coat of arms of Vanuatu on a waving white flag
The coat of arms of Vanuatu depicts a powerful representation of the nation's identity and values. It features a Melanesian warrior proudly holding a spear, positioned in front of a mountain, along with crossed branches of the namele tree and a spiral-shaped boar's tusk, mirroring the symbolic elements found on the national flag. Additionally, a gold scroll at the base of the emblem proudly bears the national motto, "LONG GOD YUMI STANAP" (meaning "WITH GOD WE STAND" in Bislama), emphasizing the country's strong spiritual and cultural foundations. This coat of arms serves as a tribute to Vanuatu's rich cultural heritage, resilience, and enduring faith, encapsulating the nation's commitment to its traditional values and unity.

The Vanuatu flag is waving on a flagpole rising from the globe.
Vanuatu, officially known as the Republic of Vanuatu, is an island country in the South Pacific Ocean. Its capital is Port Vila, and its population is about 314,464 (2021). According to its land borders, it borders with Fiji and the Solomon Islands.

The waving flag of Vanuatu with its coat of arms (unofficial)
The waving vertical flag of Vanuatu (Animated GIF)
Capital and largest city:Port Vila
Other major city:Luganville
Official languages:Bislama, English, French
Ethnic groups:98.5% Ni-Vanuatu,
1.5% Others
Religions:83% Christianity,
7% Animism,
4% Buddhism,
3% Bahá'í,
3% others
Nationality names:Ni-Vanuatu and Vanuatuan
Area:12,189 km²
(4,706 sq mi)
Population:314,464 (2021)
Country codes:VU, VUT (ISO 3166)
Internet Top-Level Domain:.vu
Calling code:+678

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