Flag of Monaco (GIF)

The Monaco flag is a simple, two-color flag with a red stripe at the top and a white stripe at the bottom. Both colors have been the heraldic colors of the Grimaldi House since at least 1339. The height-to-width ratio in the flag is 4:5, and the present bicolor design of the flag was adopted on April 4, 1881.

Its coat of arms includes a silver shield adorned with red diamonds and surrounded by the Order of Saint Charles, placed on an ermine-covered red mantle with the Royal Crown on top. There are two monks brandishing swords on either side of the shield, and a motto meaning "with God's Help" is written at the bottom.

The Monaco flag is waving on a flagpole rising from the world globe.
Monaco, officially known as the Principality of Monaco, is a sovereign city-state, country, and micro-state on the French Riviera in Western Europe. Its capital is Monaco, and its population is about 40,000.

The waving flag of Monaco with its coat of arms (unofficial)

Capital and largest city:Monaco (pop. 33,000)
Other major cities:Monte-Carlo (16,000)
La Condamine (12,000)
Region:Western Europe
Ethnic groups:28.4% French
21.6% Monegasques
18.7% Italians
7.5% British
2.8% Belgians
2.5% Germans
2.5% Swiss
1.2% Americans
14.8% Other
Religion:82.6% Christianity
3.5% Other religion
2.5% Jewish
0.9% Muslim
0.1% Other faith
13.9% Non-religious
Area:2.2 km² (0.85 sq mi)

Keywords: Flag and coat of arms of Monaco (French: Drapeau et armoiries de Monaco; Italian: Bandiera e stemma di Monaco), GIF

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