Flag of Cantabria (GIF)

The flag of Cantabria (Spanish: Bandera de Cantabria) is characterized by two horizontal stripes of equal width, with white on the top and red on the bottom, adorned with the coat of arms of Cantabria positioned in the center. The intricate coat of arms reflects the rich historical and cultural heritage of the region. The upper part of the shield commemorates the conquest of Seville by Cantabrian marines in 1248, depicting the Torre del Oro (yellow tower) and a ship breaking through the chain blocking the Guadalquivir River, symbolizing Cantabria's maritime prowess over eight centuries. The inclusion of the heads of the martyr saints Emeterius and Celedonius emphasizes the unity of the territory under their patronage. The lower field features a representation of the Stele of Barros, a significant relic of the ancient Cantabrian people, underscoring the region's deep-rooted historical legacy. The addition of the Spanish royal crown atop the shield signifies the integral connection between Cantabria and the broader Spanish kingdom. This flag and coat of arms collectively embody the rich history and spirit of Cantabria.

Adopted:December 30, 1981
Flag image:Animated GIF (25 frames looped)

Cantabria, an autonomous community located in the northern part of Spain, is renowned for its captivating blend of natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. Characterized by a diverse landscape encompassing picturesque coastlines, lush valleys, and soaring mountains, Cantabria offers a unique experience for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. The region boasts historical significance, with traces of ancient Cantabrian settlements and Roman influence visible in its architectural treasures, such as the Altamira Caves, renowned for their prehistoric art. Santander, the coastal capital, is celebrated for its elegant beaches, vibrant cultural scene, and delectable cuisine, including fresh seafood delicacies. Cantabria's traditional festivals and celebrations, along with its rich folklore and music, highlight the region's strong cultural identity. With its scenic beauty, historical significance, and vibrant culture, Cantabria, home to a population of around 581,641 (2019) people, offers a captivating experience for travelers seeking a blend of history, nature, and authentic Spanish charm.

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