Flag of Queensland (GIF)

The flag of Queensland is a blue ensign featuring the Union flag in the canton and the state badge on the fly side. The badge is characterized by a light blue Maltese cross with a Saint Edward's Crown positioned at the center of the cross within a white disc. This simple and elegant design symbolizes Queensland's connection to the British monarchy and its status as a state within the Commonwealth of Australia.

Flag image:Animated GIF (25 frames looped)

Queensland, the second-largest and third-most populous state in Australia, is renowned for its stunning beaches, tropical landscapes, and vibrant cities. Brisbane, the state capital, serves as a bustling hub of business, culture, and entertainment, reflecting Queensland's dynamic and modern lifestyle. The state's economy is diverse, driven by industries such as agriculture, tourism, mining, and technology. Queensland's rich natural beauty is showcased through its iconic Great Barrier Reef, lush rainforests, and picturesque coastal regions, offering an array of outdoor activities such as snorkeling, hiking, and surfing. The state's cultural scene is influenced by its Indigenous heritage and a diverse mix of residents, reflected in its vibrant arts, culinary offerings, and year-round festivals. With a population of over 5.185 million (2020), Queensland continues to attract residents and tourists alike, drawn to its laid-back lifestyle, natural wonders, and warm, subtropical climate.

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