Catalonia Flag GIF (Bandera de Cataluña)

The Catalonia flag (The Senyera) (Spanish: Bandera de Cataluña [La Señera]; Catalan: Bandera de Catalunya [La Senyera]), also known as the Senyera, consists of four red lines on a yellow field. Although it looks like there are five yellow lines in the design, there are not. This coat of arms, commonly called Aragon's bars or simply "four bars," historically represents the King of the Crown of Aragon. The height-to-width ratio in the flag is 2:3, and the flag was adopted on May 25, 1933. Catalonia is an autonomous community in Spain. Its capital is Barcelona; its population is approximately 7.566 million (2019); and its area is 32,114 km2.

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