Flag of Western Australia (GIF)

The flag of Western Australia is represented by a blue ensign featuring the Union flag in the canton and the state badge on the fly side. The badge, characterized by a gold disc adorned with a depiction of a black swan, serves as a powerful emblem of the region. The Blue Ensign, with its Union flag, symbolizes the historical ties between Western Australia and Great Britain, acknowledging the state's colonial legacy. The black swan, recognized as the official bird emblem of Western Australia, holds cultural significance as Australian swans are the only non-white swans globally, further emphasizing the unique identity and natural heritage of the state.

Adopted:November 3, 1953
Flag image:Animated GIF (25 frames looped)

Western Australia , the largest state in Australia, is renowned for its expansive landscapes, stunning beaches, and rich mineral resources. Perth, the state capital, stands as a vibrant urban hub, known for its thriving arts scene, diverse culinary offerings, and a relaxed lifestyle. The state's economy is primarily driven by industries such as mining, agriculture, and tourism, with its vast natural resources and picturesque coastlines attracting visitors and investors from around the world. Western Australia's cultural tapestry is influenced by its Aboriginal heritage and a diverse mix of residents, reflected in its vibrant arts festivals, multicultural events, and rich culinary experiences. With a population of over 2.667 million (2020), Western Australia continues to captivate residents and tourists alike with its rugged natural beauty, unique wildlife, and a distinctive blend of modernity and tradition.

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