Flag of Kalmykia (GIF)

The flag of Kalmykia (Russian: Флаг Калмыкии; Kalmyk: Хальмг Таңһчин туг) features a striking yellow field with a white lotus flower positioned in the center of a blue disk. Each element of the flag holds profound symbolic significance, reflecting the core values and aspirations of the Kalmyk people. The yellow color embodies the symbolism of the sun, representing vitality, optimism, and the religious faith of the nation. Blue signifies the vast expanse of the sky, conveying notions of eternity, stability, and a steadfast commitment to cultural heritage. The lotus flower, a central emblem of the flag, symbolizes purity, spiritual rejuvenation, and profound happiness. The upper five petals of the lotus represent the five continents of the globe, while the four lower petals signify the four cardinal directions, symbolizing the Kalmyk people's aspiration for harmony, friendship, and collaboration with all peoples across the world. This emblematic flag serves as a powerful representation of the Kalmyk people's rich cultural heritage, their global outlook, and their enduring pursuit of peace and prosperity.

Adopted:July 30, 1993
Designed by:Bata Erdniev
Flag image:Animated GIF (25 frames looped)

Kalmykia, a republic and federal subject of Russia situated in the southeastern region of the European part of the country, is known for its unique cultural heritage and nomadic traditions. Its capital, Elista, serves as a vibrant cultural center, reflecting the distinct customs and rich history of the Kalmyk people. With a population of approximately 289,481 (2010) individuals, Kalmykia fosters a closely knit community known for its warmth and hospitality, contributing to its rich social fabric and cultural diversity. The region's expansive steppes, picturesque landscapes, and diverse wildlife attract nature enthusiasts and tourists, making it a popular destination for ecotourism and outdoor activities. Kalmykia's economy revolves around sectors such as agriculture, particularly livestock farming, and the production of crops such as grains and sunflowers. Additionally, the region has a budding tourism industry that showcases its unique cultural heritage, including traditional arts, crafts, and the renowned Kalmyk Buddhist temples, underscoring the region's historical and spiritual significance within the broader Russian Federation.

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