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The flag of Tatarstan (Tatar: Татарстан байрагы; Russian: Флаг Татарстана) is a harmonious blend of colors, conveying both cultural significance and a commitment to unity. Comprising two equal horizontal bands of green and red separated by a narrow white stripe, the flag carries layered symbolism. The green represents the verdant rebirth of spring, evoking solidarity with Islam, while the white signifies purity. The color red embodies attributes of maturity, energy, strength, and the vitality of life. Another interpretation links the green to the ethnic Tatar population, the red to Russians, and the white stripe to symbolize peace and harmony between these communities. This multifaceted symbolism on the flag of Tatarstan captures the essence of cultural diversity, peaceful coexistence, and the vibrant energy that defines the republic within the larger Russian Federation.

Adopted:November 29, 1991
Designed by:Tavil Khajiakhmetov
Flag image:Animated GIF (25 frames looped)

Tatarstan, a republic and federal subject of Russia located in the Volga Federal District, is distinguished by its rich cultural heritage and dynamic economic landscape. The capital city, Kazan, serves as the administrative, cultural, and economic heart of the republic. With a population of over 4.005 million (2021) people, Tatarstan is a melting pot of ethnicities, with Tatars and Russians forming the majority. The region's economy is robust, driven by industries such as oil, petrochemicals, and manufacturing, which contribute significantly to Russia's overall economic output. Tatarstan has earned a reputation for its commitment to preserving its cultural traditions, reflected in the vibrant arts, music, and festivals that celebrate the diverse heritage of its people. The republic's cultural diversity is also evident in its support for languages like Tatar and Russian. As an integral part of the Russian Federation, Tatarstan's strategic economic contributions and cultural richness enhance the nation's mosaic, embodying the spirit of unity in diversity.

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