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The flag of Buryatia (Russian: Флаг Бурятии), characterized by a horizontal tricolor arrangement of blue, white, and yellow stripes in a 2:1:1 ratio, is accompanied by a yellow Soyombo symbol positioned to the left of the blue stripe. The blue stripe, representing the national color of the Buryats, symbolizes the historical roots and cultural connections of the people, as well as their values of inviolability and loyalty. The white stripe embodies high moral principles, happiness, tranquility, prosperity, peace, unity, and integrity, emphasizing the region's commitment to ethical conduct and harmonious coexistence. The yellow stripe, closely associated with Buryat believers practicing Tibetan Buddhism of the Gelug school, conveys notions of mercy, harmony with nature, and spiritual advancement. It represents the symbolic colors of yellow and gold, denoting spiritual enlightenment and the pursuit of inner peace. The Soyombo symbol, featuring the moon, sun, and fire from bottom to top, holds profound significance within the Buryat cultural context. The fire element symbolizes purity, warmth, life, and prosperity, while the sun represents vitality, abundance, and the source of life. The moon, revered as the main luminary at night by Mongolian and Turkic peoples, signifies a sacred aspect and control over the mind, reflecting the region's reverence for celestial forces and spiritual wisdom.

Adopted:October 29, 1992
Designed by:N. Batuyev,
V. Abayev,
S. Kalmykov
Flag image:Animated GIF (25 frames looped)

Buryatia, a republic and federal subject of Russia located in Eastern Siberia, is renowned for its rich cultural heritage, stunning natural landscapes, and vibrant ethnic traditions. The capital of Buryatia is Ulan-Ude, a bustling city situated near the shores of Lake Baikal, serving as the administrative and cultural center of the republic. With a population of over 978,588 (2021) inhabitants, Buryatia represents a diverse demographic, with the Buryats comprising a significant portion of the population alongside Russians and other ethnic groups, reflecting the region's cultural mosaic and ethnic diversity. The republic's breathtaking natural beauty is characterized by the majestic peaks of the Sayan Mountains, the pristine waters of Lake Baikal, and the picturesque landscapes that captivate nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. Buryatia's cultural identity is vividly displayed through its traditional music, dance, colorful festivals, and rich folklore, emphasizing the resilience and enduring spirit of its people. The region's commitment to preserving its cultural heritage, ethnic traditions, and natural splendor underscores its unique appeal, making Buryatia a captivating destination for cultural exploration and eco-tourism in the heart of Siberia.

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