Flag of Corsica (GIF)

The flag of Corsica (Corsican: Bandera corsa; French: Drapeau de la Corse) is a distinctive emblem featuring a black Moor's head with a white bandana, prominently set against a pristine white backdrop. Originally, the Moor's head bore a bandana over its eyes (as shown below); however, at the behest of Corsican patriot Pasquale di Paoli, the bandana was relocated above the eyes, symbolizing the Corsican people's liberation from the rule of the Genoese. The flag stands as a powerful representation of Corsican identity and resilience, encapsulating the island's tumultuous history and struggle for independence. Its bold imagery serves as a reminder of the island's unique cultural heritage while also embodying the spirit of defiance and the enduring quest for self-determination among its people.

The waving flag of Corsica before 1755 (Animated GIF)
Flag of Corsica before 1755

Flag image:Animated GIF (25 frames looped)

Corsica, a stunning Mediterranean island and one of France's 18 regions nestled southeast of mainland France, is renowned for its rugged mountain landscapes, pristine beaches, and rich cultural heritage. The region's administrative center is Ajaccio, serving as the prefecture and the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, a prominent figure in the island's history. With a population of around 339,178 (2019) inhabitants, Corsica exhibits a unique blend of French and Italian influences, reflected in its language, cuisine, and traditions. The island captivates visitors with its picturesque hilltop villages, ancient Genoese fortresses, and the breathtaking Calanques de Piana, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Renowned for its passionate commitment to preserving its distinct identity, Corsica is celebrated for its vibrant festivals, including the lively Feast of Saint John, as well as its proud cultural heritage, exemplified by its music, craftsmanship, and resilient spirit.

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